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Pete Venters

PO Box 70331, Seattle, WA 98127



20 years experience in professional freelance illustration in the fields of:

16 years experience in Photoshop.

9 years experience in Painter.

1 year of experience in ZBrush.

Major Projects

Freelance Illustrator, The Walt Disney Company 2011 - 2012
Project debuting in 2012  
Magic the Gathering CCG, Wizards of the Coast 1993 - 2012
280+ painted card illustrations. Originally painted in acrylic and transitioning to full digital in the last decade.  
World of Warcraft CCG, Blizzard Entertainment 2009 - 2011
Digitally painted cardillustrations.  
Transmetropolitan: All Around the World Charity Book, CBLDF 2009 - 2011
Digital comic book illustrations; double page spread and content page images. Additional design contribution.  
Stark Trek Online MMO, Cryptic Studios 2009
Icon designs and concept design for starship weaponry.  
Gothic Charm School Trade Paperback, Harpercollins Publishers 2008 - 2009
Full color digital book cover.  61 digital B&W line illustrations.  
Warhammer Age of Reckoning MMO, Electronic Arts 2008
Concept art; weapon designs.  
Dungeons & Dragons 4e Monster Manual, Wizards of the Coast 2008
Interior digital illustrations.