Sketch Time: Alternate Zur the Enchanter (2005)

While I’m busy with some stuff (including my wedding anniversary!), I’m going to fire some sketches your way.

This time, it’s an alternate take on my Zur the Enchanter card from MTG: Coldsnap. The sketch cycle for Zur was one of the lengthier ones of my Magic career, probably only beaten by the crazy amount of drawings I did for the 8th edition version of the Lhurgoyf.

The art description for Zur was pretty brief, and it was only through several cycles of sketches and emails that we nailed down just how crazy Zur needed to look…

But when I started the process I imagined Zur as a more serious, even grim, figure pushed to the edge of his sanity and disdainful of those of ‘lesser power’ who had usurped him…

Zur: First Sketch

Yeah, he’s one grumpy enchanter ready to ruin your day.

So, for my next sketch, would you like something else from Magic, or something completely different?

~ by Pete Venters on October 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “Sketch Time: Alternate Zur the Enchanter (2005)”

  1. Magic is almost all I know you from. I’d like to see something else you’ve done!

    And happy anniversary!

  2. I’d like to see a new version of this:

    Not in the least because it sorta looks like an older me…:p

  3. FYI, I’m not taking requests. I’m just asking what kind of thing people want to see next. I have a batch of sketches scanned.

  4. I always liked Zur, but found it a shame that he didn’t had as much time in the spotlight:(.

    Also, what was your motiviation from going to a stern, clothes wearing wizard to a insane, naked except for a coat wizard?.

  5. I like the angry Zur much more than original.

    And answering your question, I prefer Magic ilustrations but, what about a V:TM skecth?

  6. My bad. :p

    Hmm, in that case, I’m going along with gregtork. I’d like to see a V:TM picture too.

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