Sketch Time: The Joker

After the last entry the Joker seems like the appropriate follow-up.

One of my sketch pads has four Joker sketches in quick succession. The first Joker was drawn from memory and was lacking, being timid in both its application and the Joker’s ‘normally’ exaggerated proportions. For the second I nabbed a few Joker-related comics for reference which helped get me on the right track but the image was a little distorted. The third wore a crazed expression, but lacked any of the Joker’s personality.

But this one, the fourth, was immediately my favorite. The linework is loose in just the right way, informative but not restrictive. The Joker’s expression is not as fierce as you might expect; it’s playful and mischievous, as if he’s just bursting to tell you something, maybe to monologue his grand new plan to a captive audience.

The Gleeful Joker

Or maybe he’s just looking at Harley.

Either way, he makes me smile too.

~ by Pete Venters on November 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sketch Time: The Joker”

  1. you really are a genius at getting personality into your faces. 🙂

  2. …or maybe he’s just looking at Harley. hahahahah XD

    you’re amazing… I can draw Mista J, but I always fail at making him look like a person (cartoon, whatever,) with a brain instead of some generic cartoon character…

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