Sketch Time: Vulshok Berserker (2003)

While searching through a drawer of old sketches I found this oddity on a piece of tracing paper (a common method of transferring a sketch to art board). The image is odd because it’s substantially more of the figure than was seen in the final card image.

Vulshok Berserker Sketch

I suspect this is because I drew the whole figure and then placed the image within the boundaries of the card image, repositioning it until I got a balance of dynamism and seeing as much of the figure as possible.

Well, that’s my guess anyway. It was painted eight years ago so things aren’t exactly crystal clear…

I can’t help but hear “HULK SMASH!” when I see it.

~ by Pete Venters on November 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sketch Time: Vulshok Berserker (2003)”

  1. It’s been eight years since Mirrodin?. My God!

    The berserker reminds me Wolverine, dont you think?

    • Well, seven since Mirrodin was released. Eight since I did the painting.

      But yes, I was amazed how fast time has gone too.

  2. Hey, that thing is his knee? I always assumed it was his, for lack of a better word, armoured loincloth.

  3. I love the cards you’ve done for magic the gathering! Plizz wanna see some scars of Mirrodin and Shards of alara art. Fleshbag Marauder and Oxidda Daredevil, Such perfect creatures. Love your art!

  4. Federico, there’s sure to be some of that stuff in the future, but for now, there’s a number of posts on the development of the Lhurgoyf. Next one appears Tuesday.

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