Transmetropolitan Art Book Sneak Peek 5

Man, that was a fast week. So it’s the last of my Transmet Art Book previews and I figured we’d end where we began, with Spider Jerusalem, this time accompanied by Yelena. Spider seems to have exchanged his furious expression for… well, what is that expression? Annoyed? Repulsed? You tell me.

Transmet Sneak Peek 5 - Spider & Yelena.

All will become clear when you see the final piece. Hopefully you’ve got a copy preordered. And since I mentioned it, you have until early evening on Valentines Day to make your preorder. This book is not going to be distributed normally so unless your comic store went and did the exact same thing I’m suggesting you do now, you won’t be able to find a copy, except maybe for an outrageously inflated price on eBay…

So, follow this link to the Transmet Art Book on Kickstarter.
It’s for Charity! Hurry, time is running out.

~ by Pete Venters on February 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Transmetropolitan Art Book Sneak Peek 5”

  1. I’ve seen that look before. Loads of times. That’s the “I knew I shouldn’t have clicked ‘Play'” look. It’s commonly followed by the “I’ll never speak to Yelena again” look.

    • Heh, that’s a fine guess, Dunjohn, and gave me a good laugh. It’s also completely incorrect.

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