The Sage Stretches His Legs

Sage from Antiquities

Continuing the previous theme of cards from Antiquities, let me tell you about the Sage of Lat-Nam…

The Sage was the first human I got to paint for Magic and his card was my first taste of the off-beat groups of gamers growing up around the game: It was at the Essen toy fair in 94 or 95 where I met a young French guy who not only collected dozens of the Sage of Lat-Nam, but the card had become the official mascot of his gaming group who had named themselves “The School of Lat-Nam”. He was delighted at the opportunity to get a boatload of Sages signed.

I’ve no idea what became of that group but I did think about them when I was working as story lead on Alliances, where I reintroduced Lat Nam. Hopefully it gave them all a big grin.

Anyway, jumping to 2005, I did a private commission of the Sage and this time I got him up out of that seat. I figured he’d be grateful after being stuck in it for twelve years. This piece was done entirely in pencil. Scanning and making the image look good for the web makes the pencil work look darker than on the original piece.

Sage of Lat-Nam Sketch

Here’s a nice close up of his face. I think that facial expression tells you all you need to know about the wisdom of pestering the Sage while he’s reading… several books… simultaneously.

Sage of Lat-Nam Close Up

~ by Pete Venters on August 17, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Sage Stretches His Legs”

  1. Very cool piece. This makes me think of the magical equivalent of using multiple computer monitors.

    Incidentally, I recently finished the Ice Age cycle of novels and enjoyed the storyline very much. Well done and thanks for that! It’s a shame Jodah didn’t get a card in Coldsnap or Time Spiral.

    • @Stardust. Thank Jeff Grubb, he’s the one who did a great job of keeping to the continuity docs and weaving an enjoyable read.

  2. Jodah might still be around, Stardust. We may yet see him.

    Pete, since you used to be a big part of Creative, I would like to ask you to a man: What do you think of the direction Magic’s background has been taken in?

  3. I’ve always liked that piece. As an aside, I also think it’s funny that the original 5.5 lines of rules text on that card have been streamlined down to “[Tap], Sacrifice an artifact: Draw a card” in the current official wording 😀

  4. @Syphon, by background, do you mean backstory? I heartily agree with the new plane for every block and I think it’s created some great new worlds. I was disappointed to see so many of the old guard Planeswalkers killed off during the Time Spiral block.

    As for the actual stories of the new era, I don’t follow them closely. I sometimes read the graphic novels that are posted online but that’s about it.

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