Apr 142011

After the five previous sneak peeks of my pieces for the upcoming Transmet Art Book, I discovered a number of people thought the final images were going to remain black & white.

Not so! Here’s a portion of the left half of my double page image from the book…

Transmet Sneak Peek 6 - Spider & The Wife.

You’re getting just a portion of the page for two reasons –
1) Because I’d like to save the full image for those of you who bought the book.
2) The full image is OMG NSFW! Seriously.

If you’ve read Transmetropolitan, you may recognize that this is the younger version of Spider from several years before issue #1. The other person is his wife, better known brusquely as The Wife. Their relationship could be described as ‘troubled’ in much the same way as the void of space could be described as ‘nippy’.

This image is entirely conjecture extrapolated from a few scraps of info from the comic book, but that’s what made it so much fun. I knew a lot of artists were going to be focusing on events or people from within the timespan of the series, so I decided to set mine outside of that period. That might give you a clue as to the nature of the other half of my double page image.

I had a blast with these pieces and it was great returning to comic book work after all these years. Also, having read the Transmet series a number of times I took a little bit of fiendish joy filling the images with Easter eggs.

And somewhere in my double page spread, I hid one of the hallmark three-eyed smiley face symbols. It won’t be easy to find. Have fun hunting for it, the book should be with you soon. I’m looking forward to getting my copy!

Zakis Trickstab (2010) WIP Part 3

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Apr 072011

The final stages of the painting await!

The first big change is the shoulder pads; they’ve been completely remodeled! Warcraft’s armor tends to be very intricate, even convoluted and sometimes the shapes can be hard to pin down quickly. It was only after looking at my ref for the umpteenth time that I realized the shoulder pads needed to be broader and the blade made chunkier with a little more curvature at the top and a lot less at the bottom.


If I find myself wondering how I missed this, I can console myself with the fact that no one at Blizzard caught it at the sketch stage either!
Time to get it done!

Zakis Trickstab (2010) WIP Part 2

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Apr 012011

On to the painting of the goblin. I have a few methods for painting pieces. They’re not wildly different, but there’s methods that work better for some images than others. However, almost all of them start with me blocking out the colors. ‘Blocking out’ refers to applying areas of flat color across an entire image to mark clearly what color (minus shadows and lighting) everything should be. I think my comic books roots are showing…

Block colors.

Prepping the underpainting.