Oct 302010

Well, it’s the Halloween weekend here and oddly enough I don’t have a spooky image saved up for this. But… bats are suitably Halloweeny, right?

Here’s a doodle of my fave bat – Batman. Hey, I grew up reading comics and while I was much more of a Superman fan as a kid, my tastes shifted towards the Dark Knight as I reached my late teens. I was lucky enough to be attending the U.K. Comic Arts Convention in its earliest days when the pros were pretty easy to meet and I managed to get all 4 issues of Dark Knight Returns signed by both Frank Miller and Lynn Varley!

Batman Sketch in Sharpie Marker

I doodled this up during a recent D&D game. It’s drawn in ball point and Sharpie and the blacks are evened out in Photoshop.

Oct 282010

While I’m busy with some stuff (including my wedding anniversary!), I’m going to fire some sketches your way.

This time, it’s an alternate take on my Zur the Enchanter card from MTG: Coldsnap. The sketch cycle for Zur was one of the lengthier ones of my Magic career, probably only beaten by the crazy amount of drawings I did for the 8th edition version of the Lhurgoyf.

The art description for Zur was pretty brief, and it was only through several cycles of sketches and emails that we nailed down just how crazy Zur needed to look…

But when I started the process I imagined Zur as a more serious, even grim, figure pushed to the edge of his sanity and disdainful of those of ‘lesser power’ who had usurped him…

Zur: First Sketch

Yeah, he’s one grumpy enchanter ready to ruin your day.

So, for my next sketch, would you like something else from Magic, or something completely different?

From the Vault: The Family Sengir (1996)

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Oct 212010

I’m a little too busy to tackle the Baron repaint right now, so I thought I’d share with you one of the few additional Baron images I painted over a decade ago. This one was published in the Duelist and I’d thought it accompanied an article for the launch of Homelands. However, the year on the art says 1996 so I guess the article may have been a story review to help fill in the blanks for people. I’ll have to see if I can dig up that issue. Lord knows where I stored my Duelists…

So, presenting the Family Sengir –

The Baron and his inner circle.

This is the only time I’ve ever painted the Baron accompanied by ‘Granny’ and Irini. Also I got to include his adviser, the Sengir Autocrat (originally painted by David A. Cherry), and his henchman, Veldrane of Sengir (originally painted by Susan Van Camp).

W.I.P. ““ Weighing the Options for the New Baron

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Oct 182010

Thank you all for your feedback!

Unsurprisingly, the vote favored a new pose for the Baron which is probably for the best. However, the issue of whether to include a sword split the ranks pretty evenly so I’m leaving that option open for now.

Now to address a few things directly;
Trees, skulls, swords, and no feet to be found!

Oct 122010

October 1995 saw the release of the Homelands expansion for Magic the Gathering. While the set was unpopular with players, it remains one of my favorites because I was given the opportunity to bring to unlife Magic’s First Family of vampires – the Sengir family, and most importantly, their patriarch Baron Sengir.

Baron Sengir (1995)

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Oct 072010

So I’m doing a blog. I know, incredibly original, right?

Anyway, as much as I’ve loved my time on the official Magic the Gathering forums these last eight(!) years, the last big forum ‘upgrade’ alienated a lot of the posters. Add to that the fact that the Art & Artists forum got pushed even further down the front page and soon my favorite forum was a shadow of its former self.

So this is my new home. I’ll be posting art here, some Magic, some WoW, whatever comes along. Soon I’ll be tackling is a little commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Baron Sengir’s debut in the game. Homelands haters need not apply.

Oh, and expect the blog’s theme to keep changing until I’m happy with it.