Behind the Scenes

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Jun 172011

Sorry it’s so quiet here. I’m in the process of re-arranging my workspace; putting in new bookshelves, throwing out and recycling the usual crap that builds up and – OMG – dusting.

Yeah, living the high life, that’s me.

I’m also working on one image that is a meeting of two fascinating steampunk worlds and I’m developing a comic book. It’s been a while and clearly it’s not just my room that needs dusting off.

Funny how no matter how many shelves you have you never have enough for those really tall books…

Jan 162011

If you didn’t hit the last Lhurgoyf section via Facebook, Twitter or a couple of Magic boards you may be wondering what’s up with the delayed part 5.

The short version is that there was a family health emergency and things are still touch and go. Just a quick heads up. Normal service will resume when things are a little less… fraught.

Dec 152010

One of the things I’m working on currently is a page or two for the commemorative Transmetropolitan Art Book Hardcover. This is a project for the great Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and I am jazzed at being involved. Just take a look at the collected talent listed in the link below –

Transmet Art Book

Transmetropolitan Art Book Flyer

Transmetropolitan Art Book Flyer

The production of the book is being funded by using Kickstarter. Check out the right column on the Kickstarter page to see how you can donate and ensure yourself a copy of this very limited edition book.

A Little Bit of Peace and Quiet

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Nov 242010

Yeah, it’s been a bit quiet here at the blog. Nothing significant, we’ve just had a few house-guests, a con (Steamcon), a bout of snow and record lows and a studio that’s actually a little too cold to comfortably work in no mater what I do to heat it.

I’ll be back with some more stuff soon, but in the meantime for those of you that observe the holiday, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 132010

Currently, I’m working my way through Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Good harrowing zombie steampunk fun.

I really enjoy steampunk. Its aesthetic is immediately inviting, balancing the fashions and architecture of an amazingly elegant (IMHO) period with a technology that is both more wondrous and more graspable (physically and mentally) than the modern day real world. Indeed, the continuing miniaturization of gadgetry makes imagining a realistic – but visually pleasing – future increasingly difficult. What does a cyberpunk world hold and how can an artist make it both believable (at the current pace of technology) and somehow convey what it’s like to exist in a nano-tech controlled world where so much of what makes life fantastical by today’s standards would be invisible to the naked eye?

Even though I’ve been aware of steampunk since before it made the leap from a concept to a subculture, I’ve never actually drawn anything steampunk. Sure, some of Magic’s self-described ‘mage-punk’ comes close but that’s still a fantasy world of wizards and goblins. How much fun to jump back to a world of stiff collars and even stiffer upper lips!

And one slice of (admittedly far flung fantastical) steampunk I avidly follow is the wonderful Girl Genius comic book by Phil & Kaja Foglio, two of the original Magic artists (with exceptional coloring by Cheyenne Wright).

Okay, back to reading and recuperating.

W.I.P. ““ Weighing the Options for the New Baron

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Oct 182010

Thank you all for your feedback!

Unsurprisingly, the vote favored a new pose for the Baron which is probably for the best. However, the issue of whether to include a sword split the ranks pretty evenly so I’m leaving that option open for now.

Now to address a few things directly;
Trees, skulls, swords, and no feet to be found!

Oct 072010

So I’m doing a blog. I know, incredibly original, right?

Anyway, as much as I’ve loved my time on the official Magic the Gathering forums these last eight(!) years, the last big forum ‘upgrade’ alienated a lot of the posters. Add to that the fact that the Art & Artists forum got pushed even further down the front page and soon my favorite forum was a shadow of its former self.

So this is my new home. I’ll be posting art here, some Magic, some WoW, whatever comes along. Soon I’ll be tackling is a little commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Baron Sengir’s debut in the game. Homelands haters need not apply.

Oh, and expect the blog’s theme to keep changing until I’m happy with it.