Zakis Trickstab (2010) WIP Part 3

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Apr 072011

The final stages of the painting await!

The first big change is the shoulder pads; they’ve been completely remodeled! Warcraft’s armor tends to be very intricate, even convoluted and sometimes the shapes can be hard to pin down quickly. It was only after looking at my ref for the umpteenth time that I realized the shoulder pads needed to be broader and the blade made chunkier with a little more curvature at the top and a lot less at the bottom.


If I find myself wondering how I missed this, I can console myself with the fact that no one at Blizzard caught it at the sketch stage either!
Time to get it done!

Zakis Trickstab (2010) WIP Part 2

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Apr 012011

On to the painting of the goblin. I have a few methods for painting pieces. They’re not wildly different, but there’s methods that work better for some images than others. However, almost all of them start with me blocking out the colors. ‘Blocking out’ refers to applying areas of flat color across an entire image to mark clearly what color (minus shadows and lighting) everything should be. I think my comic books roots are showing…

Block colors.

Prepping the underpainting.

Mar 162011

… when you’re having deadlines. Yeah, apart from family stuff, February was packed with deadlines as I dealt with my pieces for the Transmetropolitan Art Book and a couple images for the World of Warcraft CCG.

Speaking of which, here’s one of mine, ‘Kistix Shockvat’ from the last Warcraft release Worldbreaker which came out in December.

Kistix Shockvat from Worldbreaker

March has been quieter except for the awesomeness of the Emerald City Comicon which has managed to become bigger and cooler with every passing year. I hung out at the show this year, walking the aisles and meeting up with friends old, and new. In the latter category, I met Darick Robertson, artist on the brilliant Transmetropolitan who turned out to be an all round great and generous guy.

For ECCC 2012, I think I may get a table and sell some wares.

Anyway, I’ll be back soon with a new WIP, this time for the other card I did for Worldbreaker.