It’s Been Quiet, Have a Sketch…

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May 032011

2011 has been a rough year for us so far; my wife’s mother and grandmother have died and in mid April I had to have my favorite – and very young – kitty put to sleep. Needless to say things have been a bit of a struggle.

I’m getting around to some personal projects that need some time, and learning a couple of programs. I’m still trying to get comfortable with Dreamweaver and I’m dipping my toe into zBrush. I’d like more time to tackle zBrush as it’s kind of the coolest digital toy box around.

Anyway, while that’s all happening, here’s a final nod to the Lhurgoyf. It’s a sketch done for an aborted Duelist article. I doubt it’ll ever get painted now, but I like the image so I thought I’d share.

Lhurgoyf Sketch.

Hmm. I might ink it though. This sketch is about 4 inches high. If you’re interested in buying it, drop me a line with an offer to

Sketch Time: Spider Jerusalem

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Dec 202010

While I’m busy scanning and collating a large pile of images for a series of blog updates in the not-too-distant future, here’s a quick sketch of everyone’s favorite misanthropic journalist – Spider Jerusalem.

This isn’t an image from the upcoming Transmetropolitan Art Book , it’s just me warming up and getting used to drawing the character’s face.

Sketch Time: It’s All In The Eyes

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Nov 082010

So, I just got back from vacation where I managed to wrench my back (and had 4 chiropractic visits in 4 days!) and my wife caught a flu bug. Yeah, go us!

Anyway, as I try to get back into the swing of things, let me throw a little sketch your way. Here I was playing with starting two drawings with approximately the same eyes and eyebrows and seeing what wildly different creatures could be attached to them.

Same eyes, but very different sketches

Creature doodling can be such fun.

If you’re still hungry for more creatures, I found an amazing blog called Creature Spot. It’s heavy on the bandwidth but a real feast for the eyes.

Nov 022010

After the last entry the Joker seems like the appropriate follow-up.

One of my sketch pads has four Joker sketches in quick succession. The first Joker was drawn from memory and was lacking, being timid in both its application and the Joker’s ‘normally’ exaggerated proportions. For the second I nabbed a few Joker-related comics for reference which helped get me on the right track but the image was a little distorted. The third wore a crazed expression, but lacked any of the Joker’s personality.

But this one, the fourth, was immediately my favorite. The linework is loose in just the right way, informative but not restrictive. The Joker’s expression is not as fierce as you might expect; it’s playful and mischievous, as if he’s just bursting to tell you something, maybe to monologue his grand new plan to a captive audience.

The Gleeful Joker

Or maybe he’s just looking at Harley.

Either way, he makes me smile too.

Oct 302010

Well, it’s the Halloween weekend here and oddly enough I don’t have a spooky image saved up for this. But… bats are suitably Halloweeny, right?

Here’s a doodle of my fave bat – Batman. Hey, I grew up reading comics and while I was much more of a Superman fan as a kid, my tastes shifted towards the Dark Knight as I reached my late teens. I was lucky enough to be attending the U.K. Comic Arts Convention in its earliest days when the pros were pretty easy to meet and I managed to get all 4 issues of Dark Knight Returns signed by both Frank Miller and Lynn Varley!

Batman Sketch in Sharpie Marker

I doodled this up during a recent D&D game. It’s drawn in ball point and Sharpie and the blacks are evened out in Photoshop.

Oct 282010

While I’m busy with some stuff (including my wedding anniversary!), I’m going to fire some sketches your way.

This time, it’s an alternate take on my Zur the Enchanter card from MTG: Coldsnap. The sketch cycle for Zur was one of the lengthier ones of my Magic career, probably only beaten by the crazy amount of drawings I did for the 8th edition version of the Lhurgoyf.

The art description for Zur was pretty brief, and it was only through several cycles of sketches and emails that we nailed down just how crazy Zur needed to look…

But when I started the process I imagined Zur as a more serious, even grim, figure pushed to the edge of his sanity and disdainful of those of ‘lesser power’ who had usurped him…

Zur: First Sketch

Yeah, he’s one grumpy enchanter ready to ruin your day.

So, for my next sketch, would you like something else from Magic, or something completely different?